WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – Payload Enclosure (Part 1)

I started work on the payload capsule today. Using a 2 inch thick Styrofoam sheet I found I cut out panels with a long x-acto knife. I will join the panels together with Gorilla Glue. Now, usually I hate this particular brand of glue. It is messy and while curing it foams to many times its original volume. But the key for this project is its non-solvent nature and the foaming.  Non-solvent means that it won’t eat up the foam like other adhesives. The foaming is a huge benefit in this application because it will fill in any curved cuts or misalignments. I would have to say that for this particular application Gorilla Glue is perfect. The glue is as simple as wetting one side of the mating panels and applying a generous amount of glue to the other.  After the glue was no longer tacky one can just peel the foam that ran out of the gaps off. It makes an airtight seal that appears to be part of the styrene.  Lastly I shaved the edges off the box so that the corners weren’t as sharp. 

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