Open Source?

I have been thinking of making this site based on open source hardware for awhile. With the development of the canduino I have decided to shift the focus of this site to one of opensource development. I am hoping to demonstrate the value of the controller area network protocol for many projects with a simple easy to use shield and library.

As for the boostbrick…

The development of the boostbrick has been delayed indefinitely because of my schedule. I just don’t have the time right now to finish the project to my satisfaction. I am going to continue work on this project when I can. I will release the schematics and code once a reliable device is finished.

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  • What are we about?

    Crockett Engineering's mission is to manufacture the finest in aftermarket controller electronics. Our products find the ever elusive balance between form and function.

    As well as to create innovations, not inventions, but to greatly improve on existing technologies through open source, community based projects.

    And to add value by educating.

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    Crockett Engineering was founded on the belief that the best control systems don't have to be the most expensive.

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