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2 Meter Balsa Wood Moxon

This is a Moxon Antenna I just made from .25″ square balsa wood spars, superglue, and 5mm Copper Tape. The dimensions were calculated by the Moxon Antenna Project’s MoxGen Software. I designed this little light weight antenna to assist in reaching some distant repeaters in my area. It works quite well!

EA5HAV-11, SEP 3rd, 2011 launch from Spain

Javi from Trackuino is planning another launch!

KJ6KUV-11, W6WLW-11 Flight Path

  It was quite a chase across the desert for W6WLW-11 and through Bear Valley for KJ6KUV-11.

WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – Balloon

I purchased a couple of military surplus weather balloons from ebay. We will soon see “weather” (lol) they work or not. I had to remove the latex skirt and end piece that came attached to the balloon. Original Mass (aprox)           2200 grams Final Mass with Bag         […]

Soldering Surface Mount Components

Using a electric skillet I bought from Target I have been experimenting with soldering SMD components. Using a thermocouple on my multimeter, stopwatch and skillet I have been manually emulating a standard reflow profile. By first marking the average temperature at each of the knobs settings, LOW, MED, HIGH, I am able to predict the approximate dial setting for […]

Open Source?

I have been thinking of making this site based on open source hardware for awhile. With the development of the canduino I have decided to shift the focus of this site to one of opensource development. I am hoping to demonstrate the value of the controller area network protocol for many projects with a simple easy to […]

Bus Pirate Pinout

Color code chart for the sparkfun bus pirate pigtail. Not much else to say… enjoy!

BoostBrick First Look

Here it is… The first  BoostBricks are here and almost ready to go.

Audi TT Autonomous Pikes Peak Rally Car

Read More Here


Scilab is an open source version of the popular Matlab Math program. Click for more details…

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