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WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – Antennas

There are many different antenna designs that I considered for this project. After considering a dipole mounted on the payload tie line I eventually found a major problem with this design. A dipole antenna transmits in all directions except for the poles. So my transmitter would be wasting power transmitting out into space and stations directly below […]

WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – Payload Enclosure (Part 2)

The enclosure was a bit uneven so I shaved the corners smooth with a sharp razor blade. The camera hole was cut into the side of the box. I chamfered the area around the hole to allow an unobstructed  view by the camera. After shaping the styrofoam the  external surfaces were sprayed with contact cement. I adhered a […]

WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – Payload Enclosure (Part 1)

I started work on the payload capsule today. Using a 2 inch thick Styrofoam sheet I found I cut out panels with a long x-acto knife. I will join the panels together with Gorilla Glue. Now, usually I hate this particular brand of glue. It is messy and while curing it foams to many times its […]

WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – Trackuino

For about a year now I have been researching the hobby of high altitude ballooning (HAB). It all started with some photos I stumbled upon by a Brit named Robert Harrison (The Icarus Project). After researching many different tracking methods I discovered the most common was the Automatic Position Reporting Systems (APRS). This tracking method […]

Soldering Surface Mount Components

Using a electric skillet I bought from Target I have been experimenting with soldering SMD components. Using a thermocouple on my multimeter, stopwatch and skillet I have been manually emulating a standard reflow profile. By first marking the average temperature at each of the knobs settings, LOW, MED, HIGH, I am able to predict the approximate dial setting for […]

Open Source?

I have been thinking of making this site based on open source hardware for awhile. With the development of the canduino I have decided to shift the focus of this site to one of opensource development. I am hoping to demonstrate the value of the controller area network protocol for many projects with a simple easy to […]

Canduino update

The canduino shield I have been thinking about for a while is about to become reality. I am hoping to start this project to bring controller area network communications to beginner arduino users. Controller Area Network for Arduino based projects…

Bus Pirate Pinout

Color code chart for the sparkfun bus pirate pigtail. Not much else to say… enjoy!

BoostBrick First Look

Here it is… The first  BoostBricks are here and almost ready to go.


One side project I have been working on is an easy way to use CAN 2.0 on a Arduino. The Project page can be found here. Not much going on yet but I hope to have a prototype shield done soon. Any help designing the software library would be appreciated. This particular is designed to […]

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