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2 Meter Balsa Wood Moxon

This is a Moxon Antenna I just made from .25″ square balsa wood spars, superglue, and 5mm Copper Tape. The dimensions were calculated by the Moxon Antenna Project’s MoxGen Software. I designed this little light weight antenna to assist in reaching some distant repeaters in my area. It works quite well!

SUFO-1 8/20/11 Pictures


EA5HAV-11, SEP 3rd, 2011 launch from Spain

Javi from Trackuino is planning another launch!

HAB Forum

We are starting a HAB Forum for everyone interested in learning about or teaching what they have learned in the field of high altitude ballooning. We also have Kaymont Balloons and Javi from Trackuino on answering questions. Come by and check it out!

KJ6KUV-11, W6WLW-11 Flight Path

  It was quite a chase across the desert for W6WLW-11 and through Bear Valley for KJ6KUV-11.

HAB Launch 7-31-11 6:00 PST

We will be having another HAB launch this Sunday starting at 6:00 from Palmdale, CA Flight can be tracked from here.

WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – First Launch Recap

The launch was a success! Here are the photos from the payload…

Trackuino Shield

These are the new trackuino shields I have been working on. Javier Martin is completing a newer updated version of these shields. Also a new version compatible with the chipkit32 is on the way. A new flight is planned for later this summer with two other hams. We should have 3-4 balloons aloft that day. Keep checking […]

Launch Day!

Payload Mass (g) 745 Balloon Mass (g) 1428 Neck Lift (g) 4090 Gas Used Hydrogen Maximum Altitude (ft) 68,593 at 16:06:32Z Flight Duration (min) 85 Flight Distance (miles) 33.36 Payload Recovered Yes

WEther Balloon (WEB) Project – Balloon

I purchased a couple of military surplus weather balloons from ebay. We will soon see “weather” (lol) they work or not. I had to remove the latex skirt and end piece that came attached to the balloon. Original Mass (aprox)           2200 grams Final Mass with Bag         […]

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